Oliver Schwabe was born 1966 in Hannover, Germany. After completing his studies in photography, he went on to study at the Academy of Media Arts, Department of Arts and Media in Cologne (GER) and at the New York University, Department Arts and Media. He works as a photographer, film director and video artist. His installations and films have been shown in numerous exhibitions, festivals and art fairs. In 1999, he presented his video installation „Verstärker/Intensifier“ at the ICC in Tokyo (JPN). As director of photography, he contributed to the short film Freunde/The Whiz Kids, winning the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival (ITA). Also in the same year, Schwabe was awarded the Spiridon-Neven-DuMont-Preis, Cologne (GER). Since 1998, he publishes video diaries for the German television station NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk).

Oliver Schwabe lives and works in Cologne, Germany.


Videodiaries (Shown on German TV Station NDR and 3sat):

2004 Rose – Decision For A Child , 45 min, Videodiary

2004 Generation Hope , 90 min, Videodiary

2003 Out Of East , 45 min, Videodiary

2002 If Life Is Like A Lemon... , 45 min, Videodiary

2001 Wrong Planet , 45 min, Videodiary

1999 Hand On Heart , 45 min, Videotagebuch

1998 Behind the Wave Lies Hallig Hooge, 45 min, Videodiary


Director works (Selection):

2004 EGOSHOOTER , 78 min, Feature Film

2000 Odenbach ,45 min, Documentation

1999Digital Autonomy, 45min, Documentation

1998 Don’t Bring A Dog , 75 min, Documentation


Camera works (Selection):

2003 The Wandaogo´s Crocodiles ,

Director: Britta Wandaogo (60 min)

(German Filmprice 2003 / Special Format)

2001 Freunde/The Whiz Kids , Director: Jan Krüger (Kurzfilm)

(Silver Lion, Best Shortfilm, Venice 2001)

1999 Angel , Director: Jan Krüger (Musicvideo for Udo Lindenberg)

1998 Maria , Director: Jakob Hüfner (Shortfilm)


Videoinstallations (Selection):

2004 PHLIZZ , Projection for the Dancepiece

of Vera Sander, Cologne

2001State of Transition/Druckkammer, Projection for the Dancepiece

of Vera Sander, Cologne

2001Tilt!, Projection for the Performance O., Amsterdam

1999Animat_2000, Videoinstallation

1998Verstärker/Intensifier, Videoinstallation


Exhibitions and Screenings (Selection):

1998 - 2004

International Film Festival Society in Hong Kong 2004

Internationale Filmtage Hof 2004

Flanders International Film Festival, Gent 2004

54th Locarno International Film Festival 2004

Schrägspurfestival, Oberstdorf 2002

Kokerei Zollverein Essen/Theater Oberhausen 2001

Tanzwerkstadt, Düsseldorf 2001

Museum Ludwig, Köln 2000

24. Duisburger Filmwoche 2000

17. Kassler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofestival 2000

VideoLisboa, Lissabon 1999

Digital Bauhaus, Tokyo 1999

MonteVideo, Amsterdam 1999

Videonale 8, Bonn 1998

Circles of Confusion, Berlin 1998

NYU, New York 1998

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück 1998

ART Cologne, Köln 1998